Top 4 Materials Used in Tech

The technology industry experienced a boom at the turn of the century and hasn’t slowed down since. A computer that used to fill an entire room was condensed to a personal computer, then into a laptop, and now a miniature device that can fit in your pocket. This has changed how we see technology and will continue to influence the many generations to come. While consumers were great benefactors of the tech boom, many material sourcing companies experienced an increase in orders for high quality metals and materials during this time. The need for these metals and materials continue to increase as the technology industry continues to reach unforeseen heights.

Modern technology is mainly dependant on electricity. Without it, none of the devices we enjoy daily would be able to function. As a result, the metals and materials used in the manufacturing process of high tech devices must all serve a role in the process transmitting electricity. Capacitors, electrolytes, circuits, transistors, and semiconductors are all needed when manufacturing modern technological products. There are certain metals that are the best at fulfilling these roles, making them the most -used materials in the tech industry.


Arsenic comes as a byproduct of smelting ores of true metals and is commonly used in pyrotechnics and bronzing. It is also used to harden black powder rifle bullets known as shot. Particular types of glass require arsenic in the manufacturing process as well. Arsenic is also used in solid state electronics for its semimetallic qualities.


Copper is apparent in just about every electrical appliance or device you can think of. This is due to its electrical and thermal conductivity. The fact that it is widely available allows it
to be used in excess whenever needed. Copper is highly ductile and malleable, making it perfect for wiring and electronics.


There is no material more ductile and malleable than gold. It is commonly used for monetary systems and in jewelry. The tech industry uses it in bonding transistors, printed circuits, and as a diode for wires.


Platinum’s corrosion-resistance properties allow it to retain strength at extremely high temperatures and be pressed into permanent shapes without cracking or breaking. This material is commonly used in jewelry, but is also seen in dentistry and electroplating.

These materials continue to be of great use to the technology industry but are also utilized by various other industries. Avion Alloys is a NASA-approved vendor that produces high quality materials for multiple industries including aircraft, ammunition, military armored vehicles, and infrastructure. We go beyond traditional metal service centers by not only providing quality materials, but eliminating costs and supply chain obstacles. If you have questions about any of our exotic alloys or would like to receive a quote, contact us at (800) 408-2329.

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