Titanium, named after Titans in Greek mythology, is a chemical element and transition metal known for its low density and high strength. It boasts a silver shine and resists corrosion from water and chlorine. Titanium steel sheets are equally as strong, but less dense than, steel. For this reason, it is important to combine this metal with an alloying agent that includes other materials like aluminum or iron. Many alloy variations exist for titanium, including molbdenum, vanadium, and more. These combinations produce a durable and lightweight alloy for many industries, including medical equipment, aerospace crafts, and chemical manufacturing. As leading titanium vendors for sheets, and plates we are experts at sourcing whatever kind of product you need.

Examples of titanium usage include Nasa's International Space Station. Various titanium suppliers provide parts that make up the structure's sheets, plates, and pipes. Another example includes the A Boeing 737 Dreamliner, an aircraft made up of 15 percent titanium materials. The Office of Naval Research is planning on creating a ship hull and other structures out of titanium steel plates. This would involve using a welding method called stir welding. If successful, the navy may be able to construct new ships that are lighter, while still carrying the same load as current vessels.

Since titanium steel plates connect well with bone, they are also being used in the medical field. Surgeons use titanium implants to replace broken bones and joints, install tooth implants, and improve hearing.

Many contractors order titanium oxide, the metal's most common form. They use the material for paint, plastic, enamels, and paper. Finally, metal is one of the most effective for reflecting radiation. Contractors often use titanium plates for solar observatories with poor visibility.

Avion Alloys is recognized as a global titanium distributor. With locations in Copiague, New York, Sante Fe Springs, CA and Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. We are strategically positioned to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely fashion. We are fully equipped to ship your order internationally as well. Avion Alloys provides export boxing to International Requirements and can deliver your order to airports in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami via our own fleet of trucks at no extra charge.

We maintain one of the largest inventories of titanium worldwide. As titanium vendors, we stock sheets, plates, bars, wire, billet for forgings, tubes, and many more forms. If you would like to receive a quote or learn more information about our titanium steel sheets and plates, you can call us at (800)408-2329 or contact us online.

GRADES OF TITANIUM: AVION ALLOYS INC. carries several grades of Titanium available to our customers at all times. Included in our inventories are grades such as AMS4897, AMS4898, AMS4899, AMS4900, AMS4901, AMS4902, AMS4903, AMS4904, AMS4905, AMS4907, AMS4908, AMS4909, AMS4910, AMS4911, AMS4912, AMS4913, AMS4914, AMS4915, AMS4916, AMS4917, AMS4918, AMS4919, AMS4920, AMS4921, AMS4922, AMS4923, AMS4924, AMS4925, AMS4926, AMS4927, AMS4928, AMS4929, AMS4930, AMS4931, AMS4932, AMS4933, AMS4934, AMS4935, AMS4936, AMS4937, AMS4938, AMS4939, AMS4940, AMS4941, AMS4942, AMS4943, AMS4944, AMS4945, AMS4946, AMS4949, AMS4950, AMS4951, AMS4952, AMS4953, AMS4954, AMS4955, AMS4956, AMS4957, AMS4958, AMS4959, AMS4962, AMS4963, AMS4964, AMS4965, AMS4966, AMS4967, AMS4968, AMS4969, AMS4970, AMS4971, AMS4972, AMS4973, AMS4974, AMS4975, AMS4976, AMS4977, AMS4978, AMS4979, AMS4980, AMS4981, AMS4928, AMS4983, AMS4984, AMS4985, AMS4986, AMS4987, AMS4988, AMS4989, AMS4990, AMS4991, AMS4992, AMS4993, AMS4994, AMS4995, AMS4996, AMS4997, AMS4998, AMS4999.

INDUSTRIES SERVED: AVION ALLOYS INC. has serviced the Aerospace Industry, Oil and Petroleum Industry, Medical Industry, Electronic Industry, Nuclear Industry, Private Jet Manufacturers and other fields such as Diamond Cutting, Formula Racing, Locomotive, Military Vessels, Missiles, Drones, and Spacecraft.

FABRICATION: AVION ALLOYS INC. offers a wide range of capabilities in the fabrication of Titanium Metal Products. AVION ALLOYS INC. is heavily experienced in both using in house fabrication equipment and outsourcing to approved vendors when necessary.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES: AVION ALLOYS INC. can perform value added services such as Grinding, Milling, Chemical Milling. Perforating, Laboratory Testing (outsourced), Heat Treating (outsourced) and Fabrication.

TITANIUM STOCKING PROGRAMS: AVION ALLOYS INC. is a titanium distributor with inventory programs for several of our customers. Please contact our sales desk for information and arrangements regarding a stocking program for your company.

Avion Alloys, Inc. is a globally recognized titanium sheet, plate vendor. Call us now for a free quote on the materials you need.


Select the grade that you are interested in below to see availability formats and specific product codes. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a quote, please call our Customer Service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660.


  1. Alloy 3-2-5

    AMS 4943, AMS 4944


  2. Alloy 5-2.5
    AMS 4924, AMS 4926, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047


  3. Alloy 6AL-4V
    AMS 4911, ASTM-B-265, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046


  4. Alloy 5-2.5
    AMS 4926, AMS 4967, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047,ASTM-B-348


  5. Alloy 6AL-4V
    AMS 4934, AMS 4935


  6. Alloy 6AL-4V
    ASM 4905, AMS 4907, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046


  7. Alloy 6AL-4V
    AMS 4930, AMS 4931, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047, ASTM-B-348, AMS 4928


  8. Alloy 6-6-2
    AMS 4918, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046


  9. Alloy 6-6-2
    AMS 4971, AMS 4978, AMS 4979, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047


  10. Alloy 6-6-2
    AMS 4936, AMS 4937


  1. Alloy 6-2-4-2
    AMS 4919, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046


  2. Alloy 6-2-4-2
    AMS 4975, AMS 4976, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047


  3. Alloy 8-1-1
    AMS 4915, AMS 4916, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046


  4. Alloy 8-1-1
    AMS 4972, AMS 4973, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047


  5. Alloy C.P
    AMS 4901, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046, ASTM-B-265


  6. Alloy C.P
    AMS 4900, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046, ASTM-B-265


  7. Alloy C.P
    AMS 4902, MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046. ASTM-B-265


  8. Alloy C.P
    AMS 4921, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047


  9. Applicable Grades
    MIL-T-9046, AMS-T-9046, ASTM-B-265


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