Use for Alloy Steel

Alloy steels include high alloy steels and low alloy steels, with high alloy steels containing more than 8% of its weight as other elements besides iron and carbon. Properties of low and high alloy steels are influenced by the elements in which they are alloyed with. Properties of alloy steel can be modified to increase hardness, durability, corrosion resistance, and other factors. Such modifications often require heat treatments to occur.

Avion alloys is an alloy steel supplier with aircraft grade materials, sending products to companies around the world. For years our customers have relied on us for immediate shipments, total processing services and expert advice.

Our product availability of alloy steels includes; plates, sheets, coils, bars, forgings and wire.

Our sales staff is geared to help you with the smallest requirement and support you with fully certified mill shipments as well. As a leading alloy steel supplier, we are here to help with any size order.

All of our alloys steels are fully certified by United States producing mills and are shipped with original mill test reports.


Select the grade that you are interested in below to see availability formats and specific product codes. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a quote, please call our Customer Service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660.


  1. Grade 1010
  2. Grade 1018
  3. Grade 135 MOD
  4. Grade 17-22A
  5. Grade 300M
  6. Grade 4130
  7. Grade 4140
  8. Grade 4330
  9. Grade 4340
  10. Grade 52100
  11. Grade 6150
  1. Grade 8615
  2. Grade 8620
  3. Grade 8630
  4. Grade 8740
  5. Grade 9310
  6. Grade AERMET 100
  7. Grade D6AC
  8. Grade H-11
  9. Grade HP 9-4-30
  10. Grade HY-TUF
  11. Grade M-50