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Avion Alloys services Blue Chip customers worldwide with prime top-quality metals procured exclusively from United States Mills. Our high level of inventory guarantees that in most cases we will have your item on our shelves. If your item is not available from our inventory, our sourcing department will certainly be able to locate it. We maintain computer records of inventory located within our worldwide supply chain of approved mills and distributors. We also monitor excess inventory lists supplied to us by major aircraft manufacturers, sub-contractors and other vendors. We are capable of manufacturing specialty items to custom sizes, specifications and alloys. Inventory at Avion Alloys includes Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconel 600-625-718-X-750-800-825, Hastelloy X-C, Waspaloy, Rene 41, Kovar, Magnesium, A-286, L-605, Aermet 100, Monel 200-400-405-K500, MP35N, Tungsten, Brass, Alloy Steels, and other grades. Please click the products tab on our website for an in-depth view of all the grades and forms of metals that we supply. Our manufacturing partners include United States Mills such as Allegheny Ludlum, Carpenter, Republic Steel, Haynes Stellite, Kaiser, Alcoa, Nucor, Timet, RTI, Special Metals and many more. We service many different industries such as Aircraft, Aerospace, Missiles, Spacecraft, Aircraft Engines, Shipbuilding, Oil and Petroleum, Military Armored Vehicles, Naval Vessels, Ammunition, Firearms and Private Aircraft Manufacturers. Avion welcomes your inquiries and RFQ’s. Please keep us in mind for your next requirement.

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