Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a metal alloy which is made up of steel mixed with different elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminum, and carbon. Iron and carbon mixed are the main components of stainless steel.

Molybdenum gives corrosion resistance against scarring. Additional alloying metals such as titanium, copper, and vanadium improve the structure of stainless steel. As global experts when it comes to materials sourcing, we are leading stainless steel sheet, plate vendors.

Stainless steel is an iron alloy with a minimum 10.5% of chromium. In stainless steel, the chromium produces a thin layer of surface oxide which prevents further corrosion of the surface, known as the passive layer. 

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Chromium is added to make it rust resistant, and the addition of nickel improves its corrosion resistance factor in the case of frequent and aggressive usage. Increasing amounts of chromium in the stainless steel alloy creates a greater high temperature resistance to corrosion. For this reason, stainless steel plates or stainless steel sheet are used in a multitude of applications, ranging from aircraft and marine applications to medical equipment.

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Stainless Steel Grades

As stainless steel suppliers, our products are frequently used for engineering and industrial applications. Their general properties include strength, corrosion resistance, and fabrication characteristics. Below is an overview of the types of stainless grades, stainless steel products, and as well as their properties and industry uses.

200 Series

  • Type 201: This stainless steel is less resistant to corrosion than the 300 series but provides higher yield strength. Uses include cooking utensils, stainless steel coils, trailer structures, and kitchen equipment.

300 Series

  • Type 301: This type features a high corrosion resistance as well as ductility and strength. Common uses include auto trims and springs.
  • Type 302: This type has a high strength with a low weight, is resistant to oxidation, and is easy to fabricate. Common applications are stainless flatware, and cooking utensils.
  • Type 304, 304L: This type is resistant to many organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as architectural rusting. Serves many applications, such as applications in food processing plants, and architectural industries.
  • Type 305: This type is easy to clean and fabricate with a high strength to weight ratio and low work hardening. Ideal for free spinning and cold heading. Common uses include mechanical components and spring clips.
  • Type 308: This type has a higher oxidation and corrosion resistance than type 305 and contains properties of heat resistance, ductility, and weldability. Applications include oven and furnace parts, pump parts and boiler baffles.
  • Type 309: This type features a high temperature resistance, strength, and weldability. Common uses include tube supports, fire box sheets, as well as oven and furnace parts.
  • Type 316, 316L: This type contains a higher nickel ratio than type 304, providing it with a higher corrosion resistance and strength. 316L is easily maintained and features good pitting resistance and creep strength. Common uses include conveyors and food processing equipment.
  • Type 317: This type features high tensile strengths and a good resistance to pitting. Commonly used for chemical processing tanks, pharmaceutical vessels, and storage tanks.
  • Type 317L: This type contains a high corrosion resistance, high creep and tensile strength. It is also resistance to rupturing from high stress, and is used for processing and storage tanks for corrosive elements.
  • Type 321: This type has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, and has high strength due to its stabilization by titanium. Common uses include cabin heaters, flash boilers, aircraft afterburners, and firewalls.
  • Type 326: This type features high strength, cold workability, and good corrosion resistance. This type is commonly used for fasteners.
  • Type 332: This type is highly corrosion resistant, and resists oxidation at high temperatures. It has superior creep stress rupture characteristics. Common uses include boiler/pressure vessels, nuclear vessels, and appliance heating elements.
  • Type 334: This type is resistant to scaling, oxidation, and corrosion. Common uses include electric heating element sheathing, and automotive emissions control systems.
  • Type 347: This type is stabilized by tantalum and columbium, which gives is a high strength and immunity to high temperatures. Common applications include exhaust manifolds, stack liners, flash boilers, and boiler casings.

400 Series

  • Type 404: This type contains great formability, durability, ductility, and deep drawing. Usual applications include deep draw parts, radiator and gas caps, heat exchangers, and automotive components.
  • Type 405: This type has oxidation and corrosion resistance, good ductility, and is easily formed and machined. Common uses include vessel linings, refining equipment, and heat exchanger tubing.
  • Type 409: This type features a low alloy content and is used for highly stressed parts requiring both strength and corrosion resistance. Common uses include fasteners, automotive exhausts, and structural support.
  • Type 410: This type is corrosion, heat, oxidation, and scaling resistant. It is also easily welded and has high impact strength. Typical uses include turbine blades, kitchen utensils, fasteners, and valve parts.
  • Type 420: This type is durable, with good corrosion resistance, and can be hardened to 500 BHN. Commonly used for surgical instruments, hospital equipment, valve parts, and dental equipment.
  • Type 430: Containing a lower alloy ratio than type 304, this type has good thermal conductivity, ductility, formability, low work hardening, and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Commonly used in nitric acid and food service processing, heat exchangers, and kitchen trims.
  • Type 434: This type features superior scaling resistance, formability, ductility, good deep drawing, and easy maintenance. Common applications include plant machinery and automotive trims.
  • Type 436: This type is resistant to corrosion and scaling, with good deep drawing and a bright finish. This type is commonly used for stretch formed parts.
  • Type 442: This type is resistant to scaling and corrosion. Common applications include heaters, fittings, stack dampers, and furnace parts.

Avion Alloys Inc. – The Stainless Steel Suppliers you can Trust

For years, our skills as stainless steel suppliers have led customers to rely on Avion Alloys for top-grade material such as stainless steel products, stainless steel sheet, processing facilities, on time deliveries and experienced sales agents. Avion Alloys also gives its customers access to one of the most diverse and in depth inventories of aircraft quality stainless steel in existence. As stainless steel distributors we stock in all sizes and forms such as sheets and plates. 

Our steel product inventory is produced by major United States Mills and fully certified to all required specifications. In addition, our stainless inventory has found its way through to most aircraft manufacturers worldwide and their sub contractors.

We are equipped to supply a small prototype order or a mill run requirement. At Avion Alloys we are geared to help a small company with a minimum requirement or a major manufacturer with a large, immediate need of stainless steel.

Select the grade that you are interested in below to see available formats and specific product codes. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a free quote, please call our Customer Service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660 or contact us online. As a leading stainless steel vendor for sheets and plates, we’ll help you find the materials you need.


Select the grade that you are interested in below to see availability formats and specific product codes. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a quote, please call our Stainless Steel Distributor Customer Service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660.


  1. Grade 13-8


    AMS 5629, ASTM-A-564
    AMS 5864

  2. Grade 15-5


    AMS 5862

    AMS 5862

  3. Grade 304
    AMS 5657

  4. Grade 15-7
  5. Grade 17-4
    AMS 5643, ASTM 5622, ASTM-B-564

  6. Grade 17-7


    AMS 5528

    AMS 5568

    AMS 5644, ASTM-A-564

    AMS 5528, AMS 5529, MIL-S-25043

    AMS 5568


    AMS 5678

  7. Grade 21-6-9

    AMS 5656, ASTM-B-276

    AMS 5595

    AMS 5561, AMS 5562

    AMS 6412, MIL-S-46850

    AMS 6414, MIL-S-46850

  8. Grade 301

    AMS 5519, AMS 5901, MIL-S-5059


    AMS 5517, MIL-S-5059

    AMS 5518, MIL-S-5059


    AMS 5902, MIL-S-5059

  9. Grade 302

    AMS 5515, AMS 5516, MIL-S-5059

    AMS 5500


    AMS 5637, QQS-763, MIL-S-7720

    AMS 5688, AMS 5689

    AMS 5646, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASTM-A-320

  10. Grade 303

    AMS 5640, QQS-763, QQS-764, ASTM-A-582

    AMS 5640, AMS 5641, ASTM-A-582, MIL-S-7720, QQS-763, QQS-764

  11. Grade 303F


    AMS 5738, MIL-S-7720, QQS-763, QQS-764

  12. Grade 304
    AMS 5639, ASTM-A-320, QQS-763
    AMS 5501, AMS 5513
    AMS 5565, AMS 5566, AMS 5567, MIL-T-6845,MIL-T-6845, MIL-T-8504, MIL-T-8606
  13. Grade 403
    AMS 5569, AMS-T-6845
  14. Grade 304L

    AMS 5647, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479


    AMS 5511

  15. Grade 305

    AMS 5514

    AMS 5685, QQW-423

  16. Grade 309S

    AMS 5650





  17. Grade 310S




  18. Grade 310

    AMS 5651, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479


    AMS 5577

  19. Grade 316

    AMS 5648, QQS-763, MIL-S-7720, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479


    AMS 5524, MIL-S-5059

    AMS 5573

    AMS 5690

  20. Grade 316L

    AMS 5653. QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479

    AMS 5507

  21. Grade 321

    AMS 5645, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479

    AMS 5510

    AMS 5557, AMS 5570, AMS 5576

  22. Grade 347

    AMS 5512

    AMS 5556, AMS 5558, AMS 5571, AMS 5575, MIL-T-8606

    AMS 5680

  1. Grade 410 MOD
    AMS 5612, AMS 5613, QQA-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
  2. Grade 410


    AMS 5504


    AMS 5591

    AMS 5610, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479

  3. Grade Greek Ascoloy
  4. Grade 420
    AMS 5621, QQA-763, ASTM-A-276

    AMS 5620, ASTM-A-582

  5. Grade 420F
    AMS 5620, ASTM-A-582

  6. Grade 422
  7. Grade 430
  8. Grade 431


    AMS 5628, QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, MIL-S-18732




  9. Grade 440A
    AMS 5631
  10. Grade 440C
    AMS 5630, AMS 5618ASTM-B-276, ASTM-A-479

  11. Grade 440FSWE
    AMS 5632

  12. Grade A-286
    AMS 5731, AMS 5732, AMS 5737
    AMS 5525
  13. Grade AM 350




  14. Grade AM 355
    AMS 5743, AMS 5744, ASTM-A-564 TYPE 634


    AMS 5780

  15. Grade Custom 455
    AMS 5617

    AMS 5616

    AMS 5508

    AMS 5718

  16. Grade Maragin 250
    AMS 6512

  17. Grade Maragin 300
    AMS 6514
  18. Grade 21-6-9
    AMS 5656, ASTM-A-276
  19. Grade 22-13-5
    AMS 5764, ASTM-A-479
    AMS 5848, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
  20. Grade RA 330
    AMS 5716


    AMS 5592

  21. Grade RA 333


    AMS 5717

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