Carbon Steel Plates / Carbon Steel Sheets

Carbon steel plates are made from an alloy comprised of iron and carbon. Carbon Steel Plate is one of the most commonly used steels in the United States. Alloy steels can contain a variety of elements including chromium, nickel, and vanadium. According to The American Iron and Steel Institute, Steel can be defined as a carbon steel when no minimum content is specified or required for chromium, cobalt, columbium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, zirconium, or any other element that would be used to achieve an alloying effect. We are experts at supplying carbon steel plate and are a leading carbon steel plate vendor, as well as leading suppliers of carbon steel sheet.
Carbon Steel

Minimum Percentages

For individual elements there is a minimum percentage that must not be exceeded:

  • Copper must not exceed 0.40 percent
  • Manganese must not exceed 1.65 percent
  • Silicon must not exceed 0.60 percent

Carbon steel plates contain up to 2% of their total alloying elements and can be divided into either low carbon steels, medium carbon steels, high carbon steels, and ultrahigh carbon steels.

Low Carbon Steels

Low carbon steels contain up to 0.30 percent carbon. The largest category for low carbon steel includes carbon steel sheets, which are flat-rolled products. These are typically used in automobile body parts, truck beds, tin plates, and wire products.

Medium Carbon Steels

Medium carbon steels (mild steel) have carbon ranges from 0.30 to 0.60 percent. Steel plates are used primarily in gears, axles, shafts, and forging. Medium carbon steels that are 0.40 percent to 0.60 percent carbon are used as a material for railways.

High Carbon Steels

High carbon steels contain 0.60 to 1.00 percent carbon. The usage of carbon steel sheets can be used for construction equipment like strong wiring, spring material, and cutting.

Ultrahigh Carbon Steels

Ultrahigh carbon steels are experimental alloys that contain 1.25 to 2.0 percent carbon. Carbon steel sheets are commonly seen being used in knives and the construction industry.

Carbon Steel Plate Distributor / Carbon Steel Sheet Distributor

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Grades of Steel:

  • A36
  • HSLA
  • 1008
  • 1010
  • 1020
  • 1025
  • 1040
  • 1045
  • 1117
  • 1118
  • 1119
  • 12L13
  • 12L14
  • 1211
  • 1212
  • 1213

Stocked to most ASTMA, MIL-T, and AMS Specifications

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