Aircraft Carrier 3

Avion Alloys is a marine vessel steel distributor that has provided shipbuilders nationwide with material to build oil tankers, naval warships, cruise ships, submarines, offshore supply boats, hovercraft and a variety of other important sea going vessels.

All of Avion’s materials are supplied to both Military and Commercial specifications.

Our highly computerized delivery system insures prompt shipment of your order and deliveries are always on time to meet your production schedule.

All of our Marine and Pressure Vessel products are available in steel plate, steel tubing, steel sheets, steel bars, steel channels, steel angles, and custom sized Marine and Pressure Vessel steel cut to order.

ABS Grade A, AH 36, DH 36, EH 36, HY-80, HY-100, Grade 50, ASTM A 131, MIL S 22698, MIL S 16216K, ASTM A 537, ASTM A 633

ABS Grade-A, AH-36, DH-36, EH-36, HY-80, HY-100, Grade 50, ASTM A-131, MIL-S-22698, MIL-S-16216K, ASTM A-537, ASTM A-633.

Marine & ABS Steels:

  • ABS Grade A
  • AH 36
  • DH 36
  • EH 36
  • HY-80
  • HY-100
  • Grade 50
  • ASTM A 131
  • MIL-S-22698
  • MIL-S-16216K
  • ASTM A 537
  • ASTM A 633