Aluminum is one of the most universally used metals in the world. You might not realize it, but its far-reaching influence affects many lives every day. From covering your food in the oven to ensuring that your company's flights are structurally sound and safe. The light weight and strength of aluminum sheets and plates make them ideal materials for many circumstances.

Clients buy from aluminum vendors for the sheets known for significant thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low density, and non-toxicity. Aluminum’s physical and chemical aspects are similar to brass, titanium, steel, copper, zinc, and lead. Just like these metals, aluminum can be melted and shaped into high-performance steel plates for aviation needs. Because aluminum sheets can be easily cast and formed, it is often utilized for a variety of products including kitchen utensils, aircraft parts, metallic foils, cans, and window frames. Aluminum is known as the second most malleable metal as well as the sixth most ductile (when a solid material is able to stretch under tension). Due to its lack of strength, aluminum plates are often alloyed with other metals to make them stronger. Aluminum's versatility makes it great for many aerospace, military, shipbuilding, medical, defense, and commercial applications.

Aluminum comes in the following shapes: bars, sheets, plates, pipes, tubes, wires, coils, and forgings. Contractors who need light material can't do much better than this, as it is 35% the weight of iron.

Avion Alloys is aluminum distributor with products that have been used all over the world by major manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines, General Electric, Raytheon, Goodyear Aerospace, Fuji, Fiat, Aeritalia, and major airlines in nearly every country.

Our aluminum vendors service customers worldwide with prime top quality metals. Our aluminum steel sheets and plates have been produced by major United States mills such as Alcoa and Kaiser. Select the grade that you are interested in below to see our options and specific product codes. As a global aluminium distributor for sheets and plates, you can trust us to source the materials you need. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a quote, contact us online or call our customer service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660


Select the grade that you are interested in below to see availability formats and specific product codes. If you require technical assistance or would like to receive a quote, please call our Customer Service team TOLL FREE at (866) 610-1660.


  1. 1
    Grade 1100
    QQA-250/1, AMS-QQA-250/1, AMS 4001, ASTM-B-209
    QQA-225/1, AMS -QQA-225/1, AMS 4102
    WWT-700/1, AMS 4062, ASTM-B-210
    MIL-A-22771, AMS-A-22771
  2. 2
    Grade 2011
    QQA-225/3, AMS-QQA-225/3, ASTM-B-211
  3. 3
    Grade 2014
    AMS 4028, AMS 4029, ASTM-B-209
    QQA-250/3, AMS-QQA-250/3, ASTM-B-209
    QQA-225/4, AMS-QQA-225/4, AMS 4121, ASTM-B-211

    QQA-200/2, AMS-QQA-200/2, AMS 4153, ASTM-B-221



    QQA-367, AMS-QQA-367, AMS 4134, AMS 4133, MIL-A-22771


  4. 4
    Grade 2017


    ASTM-B-211, QQA-225/5, AMS-QQA-225/5, AMS 4118


  5. 5
    Grade 2024


    QQA-250/4, AMS-QQA-250/4, AMS 4035, AMS 4037, ASTM-B-209
    QQA-250/5, AMS-QQA-250/5, AMS 4041, AMS 4077
    QQA-225/6, AMS-QQA-225/6, ASTM-B-211, AMS 4120
    QQA-200/3, AMS-QQA-200/3, ASTM-B-221, AMS 4152, AMS 4164, AMS 4165
    WWT-700/3, ASTM-B-210, AMS 4087, AMS 4088


  6. 6
    Grade 2124


    QQA-250/29, AMS-QQA-250/29, AMS 4101
  7. 7
    Grade 2219


    QQA-250/30, AMS-QQA-250/30, AMS 4031, ASTM-B-209
    AMS 4094, AMS 4095, AMS 4096, ASTM-B-209
    AMS 4162, AMS 4163, ASTM-B-221
    AMS 4068, ASTM-B-241
    MIL-A-22771, AMS-A-22771, QQA-367, AMS 4143, AMS 4144, ASTM-B-247


  8. 8
    Grade 3003
    QQA-2250/2, AMS-QQA-250/2, AMS 4006, AMS 4008, ASTM-B-209
    QQA-225/2, AMS-QQQA-225/2, ASTM-B-211
    QQA-250/1, AMS-QQA-250/1, ASTM-B-221
    WWT-700/2, AMS 4065, ASTM-B-210
    MIL-P-25995, ASTM-B-241


  9. 9
    Grade 5052


    QQA-250/8. AMS-QQA-250/8, AMS 4015, AMS 4016, AMS 4017, ASTM-B-209


    QQA-225/7, AMS-QQA-225/7, AMS 4114, ASTM-B-211


    WWT-700/4, AMS 4069, AMS 4070, AMS 4071, ASTM-B-210


    ASTM-B-221, ASTM-B-241

  10. 10
    Grade 5083



    QQA-250/6, AMS-QQA-250/6, AMS 4056, ASTM-B-209


    QQA-200/4, AMS-QQA-200/4, ASTM-B-221






    QQA-367, AMS-QQA-367, ASTM-B-247

  1. 1
    Grade 5086


    QQA-250/7, AMS-QQA-250/7, ASTM-B-209


    QQA-200/5, AMS-QQA-200/5, ASTM-B-221




    WWT-700/5, ASTM-B-210



  2. 2
    Grade 5454


    QQA-250/10, AMS-QQA-250/10, ASTM-B-209


  3. 3
    Grade 6061


    QQA-250/11, AMS-QQA-250/11, AMS 4025, AMS 4026, AMS 4027, ASTM-B-209




    QQA-225/8, AMS-QQA-225/8, AMS 4115, AMS 4116, AMS 4117,


    AMS 4128, ASTM-B-211


    QQA-200/8, AMS-QQA-200/8, AMS 4150, AMS 4160, AMS 4161, AMS 4172,


    AMS 4173, ASTM-B-221








    MIL-T-7081, AMS-T-7081, AMS 4081, AMS 4083


    QQA-367, AMS-QQA-367, ASTM-B-247


  4. 4
    Grade 6063


    QQA-200/9, AMS-QQA-200/9, AMS 4156, ASTM-B-221







  5. 5
    Grade 6262


    QQA-225/10, AMS-QQA-225/10, ASTM-B-211




  6. 6
    Grade 7049


    QQA-367, AMS-QQA-367, MIL-A-22771, AMS 4111


  7. 7
    Grade 7178



    QQA-250/14, AMS-QQA-250/14, QQA-250/21, AMS-QQA-250/21, ASTM-B-209


    QQA-250/15, AMS-QQA-250/15, QQA-250/22, AMS-A-250/22, QQA-250/28,


    AMS-QQA-250/28, AMS 4051, ATM-B-209


    QQA-200/13, AMS-QQA-200/13, QQA-200/14, AMS-QQA-200/14, ASTM-B-221




  8. 8
    Grade 7050

    AMS 4500, AMS 4201

    MIL-S-22771, AMS-S-22771, AMS 4107, AMS 4108, AMS 4333


  9. 9
    Grade 7075



    QQA-250/12, QQA-250/24, AMS-QQA-250/12, AMS-QQA-250/24 AMS 4044,


    AMS 4045, AMS 4078


    QQA-250/13, AMS-QQA-250/13, QQA-250/25, AMS-QQA-250/25, QQA-250/26,


    AMS-QQA-250/26, AMS 4048, AMS 4049


    QQA-225/9, AMS-QQA-225/9, AMS 4122, AMS 4123, AMS 4124, AMS 4186, ASTM-B-211


    QQA-200/11, AMS-QQA-200/11, QQA-200/15, AMS-QQA-200/15, AMS 4154, AMS 4166


    AMS 4167, AMS 4168, AMS 4169, ASTM-B-221



    WWT-700/7, ASTM-B-210


    QQA-367, AMS-A-367, MIL-A-22771, AMS-A-22771, ASTM-B-247


Aluminum distributed by Avion Alloys has been used by major manufacturers all over the world.
A partial list of our customers include: