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BigCopperWireCopper is a versatile metal used in multiple industries. Because it is recyclable, it is an invaluable part of sustainable energy technology such as solar panels and wind turbines. Usually paired with other metals to create alloys, its applications are almost endless.

Uses of Copper

Copper has many valuable factors that make it an irreplaceable metal. Copper’s conductivity, malleability, elasticity, and strength are its most important qualities.

Copper is very heavy, making it unsuitable for structures of aircrafts. Lighter metals such as aluminum are frequently used instead. Copper can be found in the electrical systems of smart phones, generators, and complex parts used for data transfer. In addition to being highly conductible, copper is also non-magnetic which makes it not interfere with any of the electrical equipment.

Copper is one of the most abundant elements found on Earth. With reliability and a wide variety of uses, its presence in the aviation, construction, and even digital technology industries is prominent. Copper will also be useful in the future because it can be recycled. Around half of all copper that’s recycled can be considered scrap. Whether it was used for old pipes, parts of an old vehicle, or discarded electrical cables, it can be made into new grade A copper. With recyclability at the forefront of sustainable energy, copper will continue to be utilized in new ways.

At Avion Alloys, we take pride in quality assurance and handle our materials properly. Although copper can be recycled easily, it’s still important to maintain it correctly or it could lose some of its properties. We strive to supply customers with top-grade materials. To receive a free quote for copper or any of our copper-based alloys, contact us online or call us at (800)408-2329.