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Copper WireCopper is one of the most versatile pure metals. Evidence of copper dates back to 8700 BC but commercial production wasn’t underway until the 20th century. Being a pure metal, copper is usually paired with another metal to create alloys but it is also used by itself in aviation. Because it is easily molded and stretched, copper is often used in the construction of buildings and industrial machinery. Copper is also invaluable in aviation because of its high conductivity and corrosion resistance making it a highly sought after material.

Why Copper?

The aviation industry has a certain criteria that a metal needs to meet before it is used.
This includes factors such as strength, conductivity, malleability, and elasticity.

  • Strength – Copper has enough strength to be molded but it also tough enough to not break.
  • Conductivity – The electrons in a copper atom can flow very freely allowing them to carry the electric current.
  • Malleability – Copper can be formed and stretched into into complex structures and surfaces without breaking.
  • Elasticity – After being formed and stretched, copper can go back into its original form without much issue.

Another factor that needs to be considered is weight. Copper is heavy and because an aircraft needs to be as light as possible, copper is not used in the structure of an aircraft like aluminum. Instead, it is mainly used in electrical components. In the form of copper wire, it is optimal for the complex electrical systems of an aircraft like generators and parts used for data transfer. Copper is also non-magnetic which adds to its practical electrical use because it won’t damage or interfere with any of the equipment. Copper alone is an important resource that has a permanent stay in the aviation industry.

Copper is a common choice in aviation because it is easily malleable, highly conductible, and resistant to corrosion. Its reliability and multitude of uses makes it one of the most important metals in the aviation industry. At Avion Alloys, we understand the importance of copper and we strive to supply our customers with top-grade materials that are consistently above industry standards. If you would like to receive a free quote for any of our copper or copper-based alloys, contact us online or give us a call at (866) 610-1660.